Common Wealth Never Seen a Better Leader than Elder Maxson


The year 2267 was a momentous one, the birth of the last descendant of Maxson dynasty, Arthur Maxson took place. His father Roger Maxson, was a soldier in Paladin, while his mother was a housewife and everything was going well. The outbreak of post-apocalyptic retro future changed the whole scenario with the occurrence of nuclear Holocaust. Roger Maxson was killed while serving in the battle and Mrs. Maxson sent Arthur to the Elder Lyons because of the growing issues in Brotherhood of Steel as well as the Common Wealth.


Arthur Mason was fond of writing stories since the early stage of his career. The daughter of Elder of Lyons was the crush of his life, who taught him valuable techniques about how to stab a man in the kidneys. However, this love was not a long one as she got killed soon after the Elder Lyons passed away. So it was Arthur, who took the command to carry the legacy of Lyons. From the beginning of the age, he has to focus on the being the toughest individual. When he was only 10, he encountered a Super Mutant and at 13 fought with deathclaw who disfigured his face that became a mark to remember for a lifetime. deathclaw himself was a dangerous individual of his time that even BoS veterans avoided face off. He soon reinvented Brotherhood of Steel and wore a noteworthy Elder Maxson Coat. There he implemented all teachings of the elder Lyons and hence it was a success like no other.


The Maxson’s Battlecoat manifestation is flair of the symbolic Brotherhood of Steel Elder. The coat comprises of an aura like no other with the padded shoulders and Brotherhood symbol on the right shoulder. Arthur Maxson was genuinely committed to the people of East Coast and the Common Wealth, hence gaining the respect among them, who were even willing to die at his command. However, he never wanted to put his people in the harm’s way.  No matter how good he was to his people, he was a force to be reckoned with for his opponents and arch rivals.


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