Fight Evil with Evil Tactics with Harley Davidson Jacket


In spite of the fact that Harley Davidson and Marlboro Man was launched in 1991, the storyline of it was a futuristic one set on the year 1996. Mickey Rourke and Don Johnson were the lead roles of the film featuring as combo of cowboy and bad ass biker. However, despite of all the effort by the characters of the film, it didn’t do very well in the eyes of the audience. Therefore, it only got more or less $7 million, less than the original budget of the film. Harley Davidson And The Marlboro Man Jacket has become a true inspiration to the bikers and a modern day phenomenon, despite the film not living upto its hype.


Mickey Rourke portraying as Harley Davidson is in the motel, when he discovers about Crystal Dream an addictive drug, destroying the lives of the young generation. He heads to the town to meet his long time friend Marlboro Man with the Harley Davidson Jacket. They decide to head towards the Rock and Roll Bar and hangout with their old friends the Old Man, Jimmy, Jose, and Jack. While they are talking and relishing the memories, the Old man spoke up about the the bar to be soon replaced by a skyscrapper on the behest of the bank manager Chance. The only way to save themselves from getting out of business is to pay the debt which is increasing day by day. They are in no position to clear the issues with the bank and only a miracle can save them now. Hence, Marlboro and Harley decided to rob the vehicle of the bank and escape with the money. However, things didn’t go as smooth as expected as they successfully robbed the bank but it wasn’t the money, instead it was Crystal Dream.


As Marlboro Man and Harley Davidson were still curious about the case, they encounted open fire from Chance’s henchmen. However, Harley was a clever man who came up with the plan of returning the drug but only under one condition. In return Chance would offer $2.5 million for giving the drug back, so that this money would save the bar from demolition and replaced by a skyscrapper.


Harley Davidson Marlboro Man Jacket subsequently became an inspiration like no other for the modern day bike riders. Realizing the appreciation of the costume, Black Leather Jacket brings the replica jacket as well as the Marlboro Man pants. Not only that you can also tryout other biker jackets such as  Fast and Furious 7 Jackets, Chuck Grene Jacket, Top Gun Jacket, and Deadpool Motorcycle Jacket and things are just getting started. The marvelous customer service and quality products is the hallmark of the website, hence the reason for popularity among people of all ages.


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