Fight Fire with Fire like Marcus Holloway with Watch Dogs 2 Jacket

watch-dog-2Particularly famous amidst the youth, Watch Dogs, the game was a larger-than-life phenomenon, brought out under Ubisoft Montreal’s banner. Being fully aware of the surreal public reaction, Ubisoft decided to come up with Watch Dogs 2 with the brand new character Marcus Holloway. Just like the first version of the game, Watch Dogs 2 is also based on the theme was hacking just like the first version of the game. This is what has attracted the gamer to be indulged along with the Marcus Holloway Jacket that everyone wants to get hold to.

marcus holloway jacket

The game Watch Dogs 2 is set on the city of San Francisco in which the newest Central Operating System (ctOS) is installed. However, Marcus Holloway and his company DedSec are the biggest hurdle and would go to any limit to ensure that the newly installed system is destroyed. With the help of smart phone as well as team members Josh, Sitara, Horatio, and Wrench. Everything is at risk including the cars, equipments, traffic signals as well as various electrical and electronic equipments. Hence it is all total chaos that awaits the citizens of San Francisco, and DedSec is responsible for it. Thus the citizens only have to compromise to the situation making Marcus Holloway, the ultimate hacking god.

watch dogs 2

Controlled by the third person, the navigation of the game speaks for itself and can be done on vehicle or on foot. Whenever, the task assigned to Holloway is completed successfully, the player follow count rises. This game is all about wreaking havoc with the hacking techniques. As compared to the first version, Watch Dogs 2 features more action than ever before. Hence, Marcus Holloway is more phenomenal than Aiden Pierce, the featured character of Watch Dogs.

marcus holloway blue jacket

Taking the inspiration from the game Watch Dogs 2, Black Leather Jacket introduces an exclusive replica Watch Dogs 2 Jacket originally worn by Marcus Holloway. The evil miniacle character is known for his evil approach and breaks down the walls of the city with his disastrous skills. Once you visit the website, you will find various other jackets including Aiden Pierce Coat from the original Watch Dogs, or Wrench vest from Watch Dogs 2.  The major aspect of the site is quality products backed by excellent customer service that speaks for itself. They ensure that the customer gets what they order and not anything else, unlike other similar websites. The website offers replica apparels from movies, TV Series, and games, just like the originals. Hence it can be safely said that they have everything you can ask for and hence is gaining popularity among the people of all ages.


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