Bring the Best in You with Eminem Not Afraid Jacket

Eminem Jacket


Eminem is considered as one of top American rappers, who has an overwhelming presence worldwide. Not Afraid from Eminem has rocked the stage everywhere, even his critics became his biggest fans, due to the unique style that stole hearts of the millions. It remained at no. 1 spot at US Billboard Hot 100 for a long time.

Eminem Black Jacket


His Journey On The Top Of the Fame:

Since the time, American rapper Eminem’s Music Video Not Afraid got released, it was an instant hit thanks to his Eminem Jacket. Ever since the song released, it has grabbed the attention of everyone throughout the world. It has grabbed numerous awards including MTV Video Music Awards Japan, Billboard Music Awards, Grammy Awards, and many more. In May 2010, Rich Lee, the Director of the Music Video decided to shoot in Newark, a city in New Jersey. In 1999, he got his first Grammy Award from the Rap Album the Slim Shady LP. In 2002, the Eminem Show and 2000’s The Marshall Mathers LP got the much needed attention and has been signified as defining moment of Eminem’s legacy. Hence he was able to grab the Grammy Award for the first time ever.

eminem leather-jacket

Returning Back After 4 Years Absence:

The best thing about Eminem is that he never got himself bounded anywhere, and this showed when he was featured in the movie called 8 Mile. The story is based on the real life story of Eminem that specifically focuses on the experiences he has gone through while he was looking to make a name for himself in his early career. The best part about the movie 8 Mile is that the camera continues to roll and people have a chance to witness a highly intensified action.

Eminem Black Leather Jacket

Eminem Not Afraid a Death Defying Phenomenon:

Eminem’s Not Afraid was all about carrying the positive aspects of the life of Eminem as exclaimed by the music critics and Paul Rosenberg, his manager. There was a time when Eminem was so involved in the drugs that he was nearing his end. However, the life began to shape up to him, once he decided to quit drugs and look towards the brighter side of the picture. However, many of his fans were disappointed because of the change of the theme at the last moment. The hallmark of the song was his signature Eminem Jacket.

Black Leather Jacket Of Eminem


Eminem Jacket is a high profile apparel worn by Eminem in the Not Afraid, music video composed faux and genuine leather jacket. Eminem Jacket has two outside zipper pockets, front zipper closure, rib knitted hem, sleeves and collar, available in shiny Black color. You can also get the jacket from Black Leather Jacket at an interesting price.

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