Personify the Best Style with Blue Valentine

Blue Valentine Jacket


The movie Blue Valentine relates to the present and past moments of love gained and lost time to time. Cindy and Dean have had their share of memories filled with love and passion, however, the failing marriage is the reason of trouble between the two in recent times. Hence, for one night they decide to try and save their relation for the perfect future of their family.


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How Dean and Cindy Came Together as a Couple:

The movie Blue Valentine is related to the story of the couple, who want to protect their failing marriage due to various circumstances. Dean is a character who works for Brooklyn’s moving company, was a school dropout. On the other hand, Cindy is a girl who looks after her ailing grandmother, also a medical student, who routinely fights with her parents. Cindy and Dean. Dean and Cindy came together when he came to deliver the furniture to her home, and both fell in love after dating each other shortly.

Blue Valentine Black Leather Jacket

The disaster in the relationship of Dean and Cindy: 

Dean and Cindy were living a happy life as a couple in rural Pennsylvania, five years later, until the time Bobby, her ex-boyfriend shows up. Dean insists Cindy to go on a romantic outing with him at a motel, to get some relief from their stressful work schedule. Cindy was not willing at all, but she reluctantly had to go for her beloved husband. When they went there, they stopped at a liquor store, where Cindy sees her ex-boyfriend Bobby. Bobby questions the relation of Dean and her and asks whether she ever cheated on him. Cindy was puzzled but ultimately she says no to his question and tells all the conversation to her husband Dean who was wearing Blue Valentine Jacket. They both start quarrel while they are on a romantic night in the motel. When he wakes up in the morning, he finds out that Cindy has left the motel for the clinic and has written a note for him. She was offered the opportunity to work at a much closer position with her boss which she accepted, which she previously refused.

Black Jacket in Blue Valentine


Blue Valentine Jacket is an exceptionally alluring jacket, accessible in faux as well as real leather with inner viscose. The specifications further comprise of asymmetrical style with notch collar, red and white stripes on zipper sleeves, padded design on the sleeves, pockets with red and white stripes. A replica of Blue Valentine Jacket can be availed at a discounted price at Black Leather Jacket.



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