Rebel without a Cause James Dean Classical Red Jacket

James Dean


The story of this classical 1955 film revolves around Jim Stark is a new youngster in a town. He has been stuck in an unfortunate situation somewhere else; that is the reason his family has needed to move some time recently. Here he would like to discover the affection he doesn’t get from his white collar class family. In spite of the fact that he discovers some of this in his connection with Judy, and a type of it in both Plato’s worship and Ray’s genuine sympathy toward him, Jim should in any case substantiate himself to his associates in switchblade blade battles and “chickie” recreations in which autos race toward an ocean side bluff.

James Dean Red Jacket

Initial Story of Stark’s Family

Stark’s family has recently moved to suburbia of Los Angeles. He meets Plato, and Judy, whom he enjoys. He by one means or another gets stirred up with some extreme folks who talk him into partaking in their “Chickie run”, which includes driving autos towards the edge of a precipice. One of alternate young men incidentally kicks the bucket, and he was Judy’s beau. Thus, Jim, Judy and Plato are compelled to cover up in an old surrendered manor to avoid the police and the companions of Judy’s beau, who trust that Jim ratted on them to the cops.

James Dean Jacket

When the Story takes a turn

Soon after moving to Los Angeles with his folks, 17-year-old Jim Stark (James Dean) enlists at Dawson High School. In the opening scene, Jim is brought into the police headquarters for open tipsiness. At the point when his mom, father and grandma land at the police headquarters to recover him, clashes in Jim’s family circumstance are acquainted as he clarifies with the capturing officer. His folks are frequently battling. His powerless willed father (Jim Backus) regularly tries to shield Jim, yet Jim’s fastidious and oppressive mother dependably wins the contentions for his dad can’t discover the fearlessness to confront his better half. Jim feels sold out both by this battling and his dad’s absence of good quality, creating sentiments of distress and removal. This appears later in the film when he more than once asks his dad, “What do you do when you need to take care of business?”

Rebel Without a Cause Jacket

Jim Stark takes care of his Buddies

The following day, while attempting to adjust with kindred understudies at the school, he gets to be included in a debate with a neighborhood spook named Buzz Gunderson (Corey Allen). While Jim tries to manage Buzz, he gets to be companions with a modest 15-year-old kid, John, who is nicknamed Plato (Sal Mineo), who was likewise at the police headquarters the night of the opening scene for shooting and executing puppies. Plato loves Jim as a father-figure much to Jim’s worry. Plato tells Jim that his folks separated quite a while prior and are never in Los Angeles. His mom lives away in the place where she grew up and never visits, calls or composes, while his dad (an affluent business official) is continually voyaging and abstains from coming home, leaving just his maid to take care of Plato. Plato encounters a large portion of the same issues as Jim, for example, looking for importance in life and managing his truant and narrow minded guardians who “don’t get it.”The Good thing about James Dean is wherever he goes he always wore the James Dean Red Jacket but the really bad thing is He died in an accident in real life one day before his film releases.

Red Jacket of James Dean


James Dean Jacket is derived from the classical film Rebel without a Cause which was released in early 1955. In this film Jim Stark’s is played by James Dean who wore James Dean Red Jacket. This Jacket is Made of Cotton Fabric having Shirt Collar, Rib Knit hem and Front Zipper Closure. It has two Slanted Flaps Pockets, Full Sleeves with buttons. James Dean Jacket is available online at Black Leather Jacket and is Red in color.


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