Star Lord Guardians of the Galaxy Maroon Leather Jacket


The story of Guardian Galaxy features Peter Quill, a little boy who is not able to cope with the illness of his mother, suffering from Cancer. His mother dies, and he goes outside crying when all of a sudden he gets abducted by a celestial starship. A lot has changed in 26 years, and now a grown up Peter Quill appears on screen since his abduction and his mother’s unfortunate demise. He is now a member of Ravagers, led under the command of Yondu Udonta, the leader who abducted him when he was a child. He is now known as Star-Lord, and entire galaxy is his home, but soon he realizes the power struggle and revenge between the forces of galaxy.


Peter’s mentor/partner Yondu wants to get access to the orb. However, Quill has other ideas in mind. Instead of giving the mysterious orb to Yondu, he decides to sell it. Ronan also is looking for the orb, however, his men are unable to get hold of it, since Peter already took it away. Drax is searching for Ronan because he killed Drax’s wife and daughter. He thus joins forces with Quill aka Star-Lord, to defeat the evil power of Ronan. To (or “intending to”) escape the Kyln, both of them decide to sell it and distribute it equally with one another.


Star-Lord Red Leather Jacket is one of the most talked about attires these days, featuring Chris Pratt as Guardian of Galaxy’s Star-Lord. Realizing the demand of the fans, Black Leather Jacket introduces exact replica with specifics totally according to the original. The features include front zipper closure, viscose lining (inside), elegant belt style patches on arms and shoulders. This is one attractive leather jacket, you can hardly wait to try out. If you are a fan of Chris Pratt, you too can get Star Lord Jacket from Black Leather Jacket.



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