Jim Stark Rebel Without a Cause James Dean Hot Red Leather Jacket

James Dean is an adolescent, laying on the pavement in a drunken state with a toy monkey. He is thinking of something with a beautiful smile, all of a sudden police catches him and sends him to jail. There he meets John “Plato” Crawford (Sal Mineo) and Judy (Natalie Wood). They too are not very happy with the attitude of parents towards them. The father of Plato left him when he was only a kid, on the other hand, his mother too was a professional lady, who didn’t have time for her son. Therefore, his maid was the only person, who did care about him.

james 2

Judy’s father has stopped loving her since she has become an adult and calls her a dirty tramp. She was violating curfew in a flashy red dress. On the other hand, Jim’s father would support him, no matter what he does. However, he is still afraid of his wife and Jim’s mother who is a dominant female who likes nothing more than winning an argument by hook or by crook. Thus, Jim Stark started to drink because he got hurt by the betrayal of his parents.


James Dean Red Leather Jacket will rock your personality on any given day. James Dean playing the role of Jim Stark wears this classic jacket for the movie “Rebel without a Cause”. This hot red jacket eventually became the trendsetter for the future generations and to this very day, it is an instant hit. Black-Leather Jacket realizes the popularity of James Dean Jacket, thus bringing out a replica, based on the original. His tragic death made this red jacket, a symbol of elegance and style. With specifications like buttoned open cuffs, hot red color, Front zipped closure, Normal length, and genuine/faux leather, this jacket is a must buy from Black-Leather Jacket.



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