Chris Jericho Light Up Men’s Black Leather jacket

The spotlight reel “Chris Jericho” does not require any acquaintance when it goes with the “WWE”, an extraordinary and steady wrestler furthermore a pop star accommodates him an extra edge in the way field like this Chris Jericho Jacket. Whatever he wears tends to be the style explanation of the time! The coat is created by the best quality leather and in addition sparkling jewels which add brightness to this truly cool coat. Chris Jericho Light Up Jacket For Sale is lined with polyester lining which makes it amazingly delicate to wear. For keeping your assets there are two ordinary pockets on each one side. The principle fascination of the coat is because of its marvelous sleeves; it would not be false to say that this coat is a piece like none other!.



  • Best quality leather
  • Internal polyester lining
  • Two pockets on each side
  • Design contain shining jewels on the sleeves





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