Carley Military Women’s Black Leather Coat

Here is the best risk for all the strong women to look amazingly jazzy. We have anothner fantastic bit of leather that is incredibly made by the architects to fulfill the taste sense of taste of all the design. This Military Leather Jacket has all the points of interest to make you look great in the best conceivable way.



  • Material: Genuine Leather
  • Color: Black
  • Front: Low collar, Zipper front closure with beaded design.
  • Sleeves: Fitted sleeves with epaulets with button on the cuffs.
  • Embellished Shoulder tabs.
  • Paneling and stitching details on shoulder and across the back.

Revel in the one of a kind and different look of this popular jacket. The primary thing that normally gets recognized is the shocking beaded plan on the front zone. Womens Black Leather Jacket gives a look of force and quality as it encompasses the zippered front closure. With low neckline and adorned shoulder tabs it turns into an artful culmination. With all such astounding gimmicks, you can’t overlook this Carley Leather Jacket. Curved cut of the lower edge of the front closure demonstrates the womanliness of the coat. Paneling and sewing subtle elements on shoulder and over the back, epaulets on the sleeves include additional appeal in it.




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