River Road Hoodlum Vintage Black Leather Motorcycle Jacket

This jacket is absolutely propelled by River Road. We utilized excellent cowhide leather. Interior is same as its outer. Front closure is with zipper. Central zipped coating and fastened neckline is likewise included. River Road Hoodlum Vintage Leather Jacket Hoodlum Vintage Leather Jacket incorporates two open pockets on each one side to convey your things. White outline examples and automated configuration is on the center of the midsection. Sleeves of River Road Leather Jacket is with zipped coating at the edge.

file (2)


  • Best quality leather.
  • Internal same as the exterior.
  • Black and white color combination.
  • Central zipped lining and Buttoned collar.
  • Open pockets place on each side.
  • The white design patterns and robotic design running from the middle of the chest to the sleeves.
  • All over the jacket patterns are scattered
  • Zipped lining on the edge of the sleeves.
  • Replica Product
  • Inspiration from River Road





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