A Good Day To Die Hard 5 Bruce Willis Black Leather Jacket

If tasteful dress and in the current style dressing is your inclination and you oblige a representation of your obnoxious and exceptional soul then you can’t remained to discharge this luring outfit. This Bruce Willis Leather Jacket is worn by John Mcclane in the latest twist off of the film Die Hard. As a result of its incredibly captivating arrange and finishing this coat is looked for after from all corners of the world. A nice day to fanatic leather coat is significantly pleasing and sumptuous to wear and is sure to add stars to your dashing personality. We use for A Good Day To Die Hard Leather Jacket fine quality material and never exchange off on the quality. You can purchase this to an extraordinary degree refined thing at the best cost by submitting your solicitation at our online store.



  • Fine quality leather
  • Premium quality stitching
  • Button conclusion neckline
  • Zip conclusion
  •  Two pockets above midsection
  • Zipped sleeves




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