Bike Rider Light Brown Slim Leather Jacket for Men

People have their own particular specific taste in configuration in limited or the other. Some specific shades constantly accept the way things are, which without that shade no outerwear can exist. We are demonstrating that it can happen by giving the openness of Light Brown Leather Jacket Men Made with outright mind of our maker that this piece could be speak to both style easy and semi formal. This Slim Leather Jacket has been made marvelously with the calfskin of sheepskin. Biker Leather Jacket has each one styling attributes which joins the shoulder epaulets that give this piece a macho look. It has standup neckline that looks like motorcycle with stylish front closing with zip conclusion.



  • 100% pure Sheepskin Leather
  • High quality polyester liner
  • Front closure with zip shutting
  • Stylish collar with standup
  • Sleeves with open Hems Strapped Cuffs
  • Two outside pockets with two inside pockets
  • Light brown color





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