Black Camp X-Ray Lane Garrison Leather Jacket For Mens

We get the coat that could be said to be half cool and half Decent, is Worn by Lane Garrison which he styled up before his gathering of spectators at 2014 Sundance Film Festival named as Camp X-Ray Jacket for grabbing reputation in both for himself and for the Camp X-Ray. This Randy Jacket is one uncommon wear, which contain from the front made of Cotton Fabric and on the Sleeves made of cowhide. Path battalion coat can associated with you as what Lane Garrison did if you get your hands onto this piece that will essentially easily hold your kin.

Uncommon Features:

  •  Brilliant cotton on front
  • Inward thick coating
  •  Front incorporates lapel style neckline, with front 6 catches deviated shutting.
  •  Two hand pockets alongside two inside pockets (stroke calfskin plan)
  •  Sleeves with zipped sleeves (from shoulder to sleeves are of calfskin)
  •  Dark shade
Randy Jacket

Randy Jacket


Lane Garrison Jacket


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